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About Myong Chong


  • 2003 Corporate Sponsor Recognition (Tarrant County Asian American Chamber of Commerce)
  • 2004 Great Women of TEXAS (Woman of Influence of Texas) The State of TEXAS Governor / Fort Worth Business Press
  • 2004 Business Woman of the Year (The National Republican Congressional Committee’s) Business Advisory Council
  • 2005 US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Southwest Awardees Outstanding Asian American Woman Business of the Year
  • 2005 Certificate of Recognition of Dedication & Community services The Miss Asian American Texas Pageant 2005
  • 2005 International Business Achievement Awards (Greater Dallas Chamber)
  • 2006 U.S Department of Commerce MED Awards (U.S. Department of Commerce)
  • 2007 Outstanding Meritorious Services N.R.C.C.
  • 2007 U.S. Patent on Healing and  skin rejuvunation
  • 2008 Featured on the Trade Magazine Les Nouvelles Aesthetics
  • 2009 Fort Worth Weekly Winner of of Top Spa
  • 2010 Featured on the Trade Magazine Les Nouvelles Aesthetics
  • 2012 Top Woman-Owned Business Fort Worth Magazine
  • 2013 Certified by USPACC Washington, D.C.
  • 2013 Elected President for the Korean Association of Fort Worth.
  • 2013  Hanna Isul Med spa service mark from U.S. patent and Trademark Class 44Service 85-457-501
  • 2013  Sovas 5Trademark U.S. patent and Trademark Int. Cl;3 Reg. No. 4294244
  • 2014   Certification of MWBE ,First Korean American in DFW to be certified.


Every year Hanna Isul donates a portion of our proceeds to charities in the DFW Metroplex. Some of those charities include:

  • Santa Fe Youth Services
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Arlington Classics Academy Non Profit
  • Tanglewood Elementary School PTA
  • Buried Treasure, The party in Fort Worth 2012
  • 2012 JDFR Promise Ball
  • 2012 Fort Worth Opera Ball
  • Janee Event-Beauty Inside Out
  • Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show
  • Como Community Center
  • Korean Language Association
  • Korean Baptist church
  • RE/MAX Children’s Miracle network
  • Gold Coast Greyhound Adoption of Gainesville
  • Phoenix society for Burn Survivors
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • First Baptist Church
  • Susan Loverin (For victims of the Fire in AZ)
  • 2012 American Cancer Society Cowtown Ball Auction
  • Living Stone Baptist Church
  • Phoenix Society
  • Fort Worth Zoo Silent Auction
  • Cowtown Ball Boots & Bling
  • Symphony League Fort Worth
  • Salt and Light Church
  • World Vision Church
  • Association of Korean Church
  • Greyhound Unlimited
  • Texas for Life Coalition
  • Cancer Care Service
  • Moncrief Cancer center
  • Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame
  • Lily B. Clayton Elementary School
  • American Cancer Society
  • First United Methodist Preschool and Parents’ Day Out
  • Texas Donut Association
  • Christ Chapel
  • Korean Association of Fort Worth




HSTE – Human Skin Tissue Equivalent. The human
skin equivalent allows for controlled testing under a variety of circumstances to enable the researcher to understand the effects of the product on different skin conditions. This research method provides the most optimal systems for experimental development and testing of new skin care products to assure safety and quality with proven results. HSTE has allowed testing of many parameters including exfoliation, rehydration, collagen synthesis, and delivery of vitamins and nutrients to underlying cells and new tissue growth.

When testing our products, we use Human Skin Tissue Equivalent. HSTE is a patented research tool developed at the University of North Texas by Dr. Robert Gracy and Dr. Dan Dimitrijevich, which replicates human skin tissue. This provides the most valid method available to develop new skin care products.

Benefits of HSTE:

  • Eliminates need for animal testing

  • Shows normal skin physiology & pathology

  • Aids in the development of new products

  • Establishes optimal concentrations

  • Establishes optimal delivery of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients

  • Permits accurate, quantitative assessment of skin damage and aging (e.g. oxidation, sun damage)

  • Allows testing and development of new products (e.g. antioxidants and sunscreens)

  • Allows accurate assessment of transdermal delivery

Hanna Isul™’s most recent creation is a unique class of anti-aging products called SOVAS-5™. The SOVAS-5™ products have been researched in a laboratory under strict conditions. The people who have used these products have experienced continued youthful skin and many who have recently begun to use them have seen years of wrinkles disappear. These products are already well received and used by plastic surgeons and estheticians in Japan, South Korea, Canada and Spain.

Click here to read some of our research on anti-aging for Asian skin.

* U.S. FDA registered; Japan FDA and Korean FDA approved.


Here are just a few of the many people who have experienced positive results from using our products. If you would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you.

There is only one product I put on my face before bedtime AND after a morning shower, and that’ s Hanna Isul’s Recovery Ointment. I have dry skin and am a retired senior citizen; this product is wonderful. When I am almost out, I panic and sweet talk my husband, Mike, to hurry and get a new jar! There is nothing like it; I have received many compliments on my skin. Thank you for creating this exceptional product!

Dee Dee Thompson
Benbrook, Texas


As a scientist who studies the aging process, I am familiar with oxidative damage and what it does to the skin and other tissues. My wife’s experience with Hanna Isul products was so impressive that I was convinced to try them. The AHA Firming Serum, 30/70 Serum and firming complexes have resulted in clear improvement in the health of my skin. These products are first class.

저는 노화의 과정을 연구하는 과학자로서, 피부와 그 밖의 다른 조직이 받는 산화적인 손상에 대해서 익히 알고 있었습니다.
저의 아내가 사용해왔던 한나이슬의 제품은 저에게는 너무나 인상적이었고 저도 써 본 후에는 제품에 대한 확신을 얻게 되었습니다 .
AHA 퍼밍세럼과 30/70세럼, 퍼밍 컴플렉스는 저의 피부를 아주 건강하게 확실한 개선을 가져다주었습니다.
이 제품들은 정말 최고급 제품들입니다.

Dr. Robert W. Gracy, Ph.D. – VP, Research & Biotechnology – University of Texas San Antonio


Finding the skincare product is difficult in today’s market. Everyone is trying to find the ones that will make them look younger, firmer and less wrinkled. We all want the same thing …the “quick fix”! As a Dermatologist for the past 12 years, I am happy to report that the products from the HANNA ISUL LINE cleanse and moisturize while at the same time lifting and filling lines and wrinkles. The results are immediately visible, even after the first application. With formulations based on vitamin C and natural extracts, I have found these products gentle yet effective enough to use on patients immediately following laser rejuvenation treatments, microdermabrasion and even chemical peels. I would not hesitate in recommending the HANNA ISUL LINE of products to all skin types and especially recommend the Derma Firm drops for middle age to older skin for an instant lift and unwrinkled appearance.

Dr. Vivian Bucay M.D., Dermatologist


As a physician and pathologist, I have seen first-hand actinic (sun) damage to skin both visually and through the microscope. The women in my family and I have seen remarkable skin changes with the Hanna Isul® skin line, especially the Recovery cream. I would certainly recommend them without reservation.

저는 의사와 병리학자로서, 시각적으로 또한 현미경을 통해서 햇볕이 피부에 일차적으로 미치는 피해 사례들을 많이 지켜 보아왔습니다.
저를 비롯한 저희 가족 중 모든 여성들은 한나이슬의 스킨케어 제품들로 인해 놀랄만한 피부의 변화를 경험하였습니다. 특히 그 중에서도 리커버리크림은 정말 대단합니다. 저는 주저없이 확실하게 한나이슬의 리커버리 크림을 추천 할 것입니다.

Dr. Stephen L. Putthoff – Associate Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Pathology and Anatomy – University of North Texas Health Science Center


I have been using several of the Hanna Isul products over the last year. I have been very impressed with their ability to hydrate the skin and reduce fine wrinkles. They have become some of the most popular skin care products that we offer in our office.

저는 지난 해부터 여러 가지 한나이슬 제품을 사용해 왔습니다.
저는 이 제품들이 피부를 촉촉하게 해주고 미세한 주름들을 감소시키는 능력에 매우 감동했습니다. 한나이슬의 제품은 저희 클리닉에서 제공하고 있는 가장 인기 있는 스킨케어제품이 되었습니다.

Mark G. Rubin, M.D. – Lasky Skin Center – Beverly Hills, CA


At first I was skeptical that the Hanna Isul® products would make a noticeable difference, but after using them regularly, I became a believer. They really work.

처음에 저는 한나이슬의 제품이 눈에 띄는 차이를 만들어 낼 것이라고는 생각하지 못했었습니다.
그러나 정기적으로 제품을 사용해 본 후에 , 저도 그 효과를 믿게 되었습니다. 한나이슬의 제품은 정말 큰 효과가 있습니다.

Elaine Agather – CEO, Chase Bank of Texas


I was asked by Myong Chong to describe our use of the Hanna Isul Recovery Cream with our patients receiving external beam radiation for cancer at the former Moncrief cancer Center. Moncrief Cancer center was a free-standing radiation oncology center with four locations in the Fort Worth area. Now, as Moncrief Cancer Resources, it provides exclusively ancillary cancer support services and no longer provides patient radiation treatments.

The cream was donated by Ms. Chong and supplied by the staff to select patients who seemed to have an unusually intense radiation skin response and included patients in the process of receiving radiation both to the head and neck region, as well as to breast cancer patients.

Patient Instruction: Patients were instructed specifically NOT to use the cream prior to their daily radiation treatment as the antioxidant effect was unknown. Patients were also told not to use the cream under the breast tissue, an area prone to moist desquamation. They were encouraged to try the cream if it seemed to provide relief from the effects of radiation (dryness, redness, discomfort). Patient’s were instructed to use the cream only on dry or reddened skin and to discontinue use immediately if the skin became cracked or open in any way. Patients were also instructed to wash off all the cream prior to their radiation treatment.

Patient Response: Patients, without prompting, told the staff that the cream provided soothing relief, was easy to use and seemed to decrease the degree of redness in the radiation area. Staff also noticed that the degree of redness, especially seen in the post-radiation follow-up visit, was dramatically less.

Staff Observation: One female patient, approximately 50 years old is recalled who received external beam radiation to the face, sinus, and neck. She completed her treatments without interruption, but on discharge her skin was deeply reddened in the radiation field. She was provided the cream instructed in its use and returned for her 1 month post-treatment follow-up visit. She had used the cream daily. The area where she received radiation was not uneven, discolored in any way, was not red, tanned, or otherwise affected. She was ecstatic with how her skin responded. It was the most dramatic change in skin that I had personally witnessed.

Paula R. Anderson RN,MN,OCN, Oncology Research Initiatives


I have used Hanna Isul Recovery Cream for 10 years and it is truly amazing. The most amazing thing is that it cured my Rosacea. No more really red nose – I am 78 years old.
P.S. The rest of my face looks great too!

저는 10년 동안 한나이슬의 리커버리크림을 사용왔는 데 이 제품은 정말로 놀라운 제품입니다.
가장 놀라운 것은 저의 빨간코(로세시아 Rosacea)를 치료한 것입니다. 참고로 저는 78세입니다 .
코 뿐만 아니라 제 얼굴의 나머지 다른 부분들도 정말 좋아보입니다 !

J.L. Judson, M.D. MPH – Fort Worth, Texas


I have received treatment for a skin condition, with features similar to psoriatic lesions, from Myong Chong® at Hanna Isul® for the last 4-6 weeks. I have had a great deal of improvement in my facial skin with the lotions, creams and other treatments, which I did not receive from a good deal of dermatological care.

저는 지난 4-6주동안 건선부종과 유사한 피부질환으로 인하여 한나이슬의 Myong으로 부터 치료를 받아오고 있었습니다. 저는 일반피부과 관리치료에서는 받아보지 못했던 한나이슬만의 로션, 크림 등을 통한 각종 치료들로, 제 피부의 엄청난 향상을 Hanna Isul에서 경험하고 있습니다.

George B. Crisp, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. – Diplomat of the American Board of Neurological Surgery


God Bless Recovery Ointment!! I burned my finger yesterday on a very hot light bulb. I immediately put it under cold water and then applied recovery ointment. I rubbed it in and then I washed my hands, I even washed the burned finger. But guess what? The burn disappeared!

Pastor Chuck


I met Myong about 6 years ago shortly after just moving to Ft. Worth. I was introduced to all of the Hanna Isul products, but only began using the now famous “Recovery Cream”. Experiencing almost immediate results from this one product in using it for various things such as a daily moisturizer, a soothing agent for insect bites stings and burns, and even mouth ulcers quickly prompted to release my chains of frugality and begin investing in more of Myong’s products. Trying a whole line of anything was definitely new to me, but after experiencing my own personal positive results I began discovering that my youth was being preserved by the investment I was making in the Hanna Isul skin care products.

I was only in my late 20’s when I began using Myong’s products; therefore, I did not have a tremendous amount of aging and sun damage to my skin, but Myong was instrumental in educating me on the effects of sun damage and the difficulties of reversing age once it begins making its mark on your skin. Seeing visible results on my in a sense “young skin”, such as tightening, firming, lifting, and smoothing of texture made me convinced that if I began using these products religiously during my 20’s that I would not have a lot of aging to try to reverse in my later years. I am now 30 and this has proven true.

Because of my strong belief in who Myong Chong is, all that she stands for, and what she continues to create in her entire line of skin care products, I find myself wanting to spread the good news of the greatness of her products and what they have done for me. Myong has always told me that beauty can be timeless if you treat is as an investment. The pure and natural properties of the Hanna Isul Skin Care products will nourish and renew the condition of your skin, allowing for the glow of natural beauty to shine forth.

Sunny Austin


I’m an editor for Vogue International and use Hanna Isul’s Vita-C SPF 30 daily on myself and all of the models! It’s a miracle! I think I’ve turned 20 people on to the product. I have sensitive skin and Hanna Isul is the only Spf 30 that doesn’t break out my sensitive skin or cause acne and keeping my skin burn-free.
Thank you so much!

저는 인터내셔널 보그잡지의 에디터이며, 저를 비롯해 저와 함께 일하는 모델들이 매일 한나이슬의 Vita-C SPF 30를 사용합니다. 이 제품은 정말 기적과 같은 제품입니다. 20명 모델들이 현재 모두 한나이슬 제품의 팬입니다. 저는 정말 민감성 피부를 가지고 있습니다만 한나이슬의 비타C SPF-30만이 유일하게 저처럼 과민성 피부와 여드름성 피부를 가진 사람들에게 화상없이 피부를 유지하는 안전한 제품입니다. 정말 감사합니다!

WILLIAM GRAPER STUDIO-Stylist & International Editor-


It was wonderful as always. On top of the usual fabulous treatment, So Hui, my esthetician, prepared some hot tea for me. She knew I had been sick all week and wanted to help my cold. It is the additional customer service I always get!!! My face feels wonderful when I leave and now my throat is better too.

한나이슬은 저에게 항상 멋지고 좋은 경험입니다. 항상 그렇듯이 훌륭한 피부관리뿐만이 아니라,
저의 에스티션인 소희씨는 저를 위해 따뜻한 차를 준비해 줍니다.
소희씨는 제가 일주일 내내 아팠던 걸 알고, 감기로 고생하는 저를 돕고 싶어했습니다.
이것은 한나이슬에서 제가 항상 추가로 받는 고객 서비스입니다.
트리트먼트를 받은 후의 제 얼굴의 느낌은 너무나 좋고, 목 아픈 것도 훨씬 좋아졌습니다.

Elaine L – Arlington, Texas


I have been using the 30/70 Serum and the Sovas Firming Aha Serum for a few months now and I have really loved it. After just a week I noticed that my skin on my face was firmer and my pores were smaller. I also noticed an improvement in my fine lines and age spots. They were starting to get lighter. The products have really improved my skin quality and I love it. Going to see Myong and Hanna Isul is just a wonderful experience. They treat you like you are their only customer and give you that personal experience. Their products are just wonderful and such a treat to use on your face and neck. Thank you for always making my visits wonderful and improving the health and over all appearance of my skin.

저는 몇 달전부터 30/70세럼과 Sovas퍼밍아하 세럼을 사용해 왔으며, 정말 너무 좋아합니다.
딱 일주일만에 제 피부에 탄력이 생기고, 모공이 작아지는 것을 실감할 수 있었습니다. 또한 잔주름들과 노화로 생긴 검은 반점들도 좋아지기 시작했습니다. 피부톤도 밝아지고 검은 반점들의 색도 옅어지기 시작했습니다. 한나이슬 제품들은 정말 제 피부의 질을 향상시키고 정말 좋습니다. MYONG을 만나러 가는 것 자체가 정말 멋진 경험입니다. 한나이슬에 가시면 귀하만이 유일한 고객이 되시며 한나이슬이 제공하는 귀하만의 멋진경험을 느껴보실 수 있으실 것입니다. 한나이슬의 제품들은 정말 우수합니다. 얼굴과 목에 바르는 귀한 정성입니다. 항상 한나이슬에 갈 때마다 그 멋진 경험하게 해 주셔서 감사하고 제 피부의 개선시켜 주신 데 감사합니다.

Tasha Hudson – Fort Worth, Texas


I was not blessed with nice skin and have struggled with products my whole life. That changed when I met Myong five years ago and started using her products. My skin has never looked this good, even when I was younger.

저는 타고난 좋은 피부가 아닌터라 평생을 고생해 왔습니다.
그러나, 5년전 MYONG을 만나 그녀의 제품을 사용하기 시작하면서 모든 것이 바뀌었습니다.
사람들은 제 피부가 아주 젊어보이고 좋아보인다 합니다.

Sue Hearst – Estrella Ranch – Paso Robles, CA


I first met you in 1996 and started this journey of healing my red, dry, blotched skin. Today because of your incredible treatments and amazing products, I feel like my skin looks six years younger instead of six years older. I feel so much more confident about my appearance because my skin is the best it can be. The results have far exceeded my expectations!

제가 Myong을 처음 만나서, 저의 붉그레하고 건조하며 얼룩덜룩까지한 피부를 치유하는 여정을 시작한 지 6년이 되어갑니다. 오늘 Myong 당신의 놀라운 치료와 놀라운 제품 덕에, 저는 제 피부가 6년 나이 들어 보이는 게 아니라 6년 더 어려 보이는 느낌이 듭니다. 제 피부가 예뻐보이기에 제 외모에 대한 자신감이 더 생겼습니다. 결과는 항상 기대치 이상입니다!

MiMi Cranz Bonds – Fort Worth, Texas