Hyper Pigmentation

This program is specially-designed for Hyperpigmentation and Sun-Damaged Skin.
A.M. P.M.
1 Firming Cleanser  1 Firming Cleanser
Hanna Isul's unique cleansing method using a fan brush to mix AHA and BHA combine for maximum exfoliation without dryness. Leaves skin soft, smooth, translucent and glowing.
2 pH Freshener 2 pH Freshener
As an anti-aging pH balancing mist spray, it accelerates the moisturizing effort and helps the product to penetrate deeper before the next step. Spray for needed hydration throughout the day for prevention of aging.
3 30/70 serum 3 Wrinkle Peel
Squeeze three to five drops into palm. Apply evenly to face and neck. Apply three to five drops to face and neck
4 Recovery Ointment 4 Recovery Ointment
Apply evenly to face and neck.  Apply evenly to face and neck, focusing on sun damaged areas.
5 Vita-C SPF 305 Youth Glow
Apply quarter sized amount to face and neck. Apply a thick layer over sun damaged and hyperpigemented areas. Leave on overnight like a mask.