Hanna Isul™ is a medi spa designed to deliver effective and result driven treatments for both woman and men. The business model is proven successful and is available to be duplicated globally. As a licensee you are provided with an A to Z business model to help you open and operate your spa successfully.

The model includes the following planning steps:

  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Marketing
  • Team building
  • Brand Education
  • Legal
  • Training

As a licensee you are also provided with business support to insure proper planning for more information on how to become a licensee complete the Licensee Application and a company officer will be in touch with you.



Q: Can I convert my existing spa to a Hanna Isul™ Medi Spa?

A: Yes, you may convert your spa to a Hanna Isul™ Medi Spa upon assessment and approval. The assessment will include your existing location, clientele, image and other qualifications.  The existing spa will have to qualify and make necessary requested adjustments in order to earn license approval.


Q: What does the Hanna Isul™ license include?

A: The Hanna Isul™ license includes the entire business model and the Hanna Isul brand name such as:  Logo, Trademark, Slogans, and the Hanna Isul™ Trademarked Skin System. The Hanna Isul operational manual, product positioning, employee manual, training manual and client relationship management are also included.  The entire A to Z on how to operate your spa successfully.


Q: When Can I expect a Return On my Investment?

A: ROI varies upon the licensee’s commitment to marketing and driving traffic into the spa.  It may be within one year or longer depending on the strategy.


Q: What are your design and location qualifications and standards?

A: The spa must be located in a desirable strip center or standalone building near an affluent to middle income target market. Licensees are provided with Hanna Isul™ Design Guidelines to follow.

To insure compliance with Hanna Isul™ Standards,  licensees agree to employ highly skilled professionals to deliver great spa experiences and results.


Q: Do I need previous experience in the spa/med-spa industry?

A: The investor does not require spa experience, but the spa director and spa management are required to have a minimum of 5 years of experience.


Q: What type of on-going training will I receive?

A: Licensees will receive on-going business and technical training.  Education and training are key components to Hanna Isul success. By adopting the Hanna Isul™ Holistic Care approach,  licensees deliver a total skin experience through the trademarked Hanna Isul™ Anti-aging  Transdermal Firming System. A wide range of treatments have been developed based on Hanna Isul™ proven, results oriented systems.

The Science of Hanna Isul™, philosophy, concepts, goals and hands on training of Hanna Isul™ Trademarked Treatments were developed by Myong Chong.