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Myong Chong® is the persona and spirit of Hanna Isul™ Skin Therapy, Inc.

For over 30 years, Myong Chong®, founder and owner of Hanna Isul™ Skin Therapy Spa and Medical Skin Care in Fort Worth, Texas, has been defining the most effective modalities to skincare research and development. As the skincare segment proliferates with promises of youth, the seas truly part when it comes to the substantive results of the products developed by Myong. In short, Myong is a modern pioneer in research and development of unique and innovative cosmetic skin care products. These products provide superior anti-aging properties for cosmetically promoting beauty and attractiveness. Myong Chong® is the founder and CEO of the company, and is the inventor of the first U.S. patented Cosmetic Firming Formulation with international patents.

Commemorating 30 years of Milestones

Since 1982, Myong Chong has been defining the most effective modalities to skincare research and development.  Myong established a product testing alliance with Dr. Gracy, Chairman of Biochemistry and Dean of Research at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, where a patented human skin tissue equivalent was implemented to measure safety and efficacy of products.  The launch of the SOVAS 5 Medical Skin Care System characterized by 9 years of intensive research proved revolutionary.  The transdermal delivery of five (5) potent natural ingredients nourish deep within the epidermis and cellular infrastructure. Her progressive approach to treatment led to the origination of two skincare patents that address the necessary functions for overall skin reform through healing and rejuvenation.   U.S. patented transdermal firming formulation marked the first and only skin therapy that “breaks through” the superficial layers of the skin and dynamically impacts the skin’s growth cells.  The second U.S. patent corners the skincare market with a clinically proven skin healing formulation.  Among those that seek after Myong’s anti-aging methods are international dignitaries and celebrities.

The next milestones

This year Myong Chong Foundation is being introduced as a conduit to serve the world beyond the treatment room.  “For more than a decade, I have had a desire to build a charitable foundation to bless others with the gifts and prosperity God has given me,” states Myong Chong.  The purpose-driven foundation promotes four (4) missions, (1) “To Serve is to Share the Word” Bible Ministry, (2) “To Serve is to Help Restore” Spiritual Retreat Ministry, (3) “To Serve is to Proclaim His Healing Power” Recovery Ointment Ministry and (4) “To Serve is to Give” Academic Scholarship Ministry.