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DERMASCOPE Aesthetician Choice Awards 2016Hanna Isul Medspa™

Hanna Isul Group ShotAs an internationally acclaimed leader in anti-aging therapies, Hanna Isul™ skin systems with the exclusive SOVAS 5 technology is coveted for the undeniable youthful glow results.   Scientifically designed to penetrate deep within the cellular infrastructure for transdermal, corrective function and skin nourishment, Hanna Isul™ is the first and only transdermal skin care therapy system utilizing a patented human skin tissue equivalent for undisputed performance testing.  Recognized for safe, effective and highest quality products, Hanna Isul is the ultimate in transformative skin care combining advanced delivery, proven antioxidants, multivitamins and botanicals.

Hanna Isul™ Skin Therapy is much more than just anti-aging skin care.  To touch a person and transform a life; this should be the passion for every skin care specialist holding the honor of nurturing and nourishing the natural beauty of their client’s skin.  The skin of a woman is her most beautiful attribute and holds the ability of becoming soft and tender, without wrinkle or blemish, aglow with the natural beauty of health.

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